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ATIBA managed a Siebel CRM engagement that resulted in the implementation of three separate CRM systems for an international, multinational conglomerate company that produces consumer products, provides engineering services and aerospace solutions for private consumers, corporations and government agencies.

The project team led by ATIBA consisted of several business analysts, Siebel system configuration experts, and database administrators, all of whom worked closely with client business and technology teams across the country.

In-scope activities included project governance and full SDLC; business analysts facilitated work sessions and conducted individual interviews to identify and document business requirements, and technology resources worked with client IT teams to procure and implement new infrastructure environments to support the new systems being implemented.

Additionally, Siebel specialists configured the CRM systems, DBAs created the databases required in numerous IT development, testing and production instances, and other project team members worked with client teams to test, train and roll-out the new solutions.

Enterprise Incident Tracking System

The initial goal was to implement an enterprise incident tracking system to replace a legacy CRM application that had out-lived its useful life. The legacy system was a stand-alone application that required users to keep multiple application windows open throughout the day and the underlying technology was outdated. Direction from senior leadership was to create an integrated solution that met user needs and also took full advantage of new technology.

The ATIBA project team facilitated work sessions to solicit requirements from the end-user community. They gathered the information and listened carefully to understand the existing pain-points from the user perspective. Once sign-off was received on the requirements the IT team installed a development instance for the Siebel CRM solution. Databases were created, and the business analysts worked with the configuration specialists to design and configure a system that would meet user needs.

APIs in the CRM solution were used to create custom integration points to the FileNet enterprise document management system. With the simple click of a button users could display documents relevant to the specific incident they were reviewing and working to resolve. Custom batch interfaces were developed to transmit data nightly to the corporate PeopleSoft General Ledger ERP system.

The solution delivered eliminated the necessity for users to log into multiple systems, eliminated the need for users to perform look-ups in the FileNet system, decreased system overhead, and increased user efficiency three-fold. Additionally, automation of financial transactions to the general ledger system decreased manual entry by 40%.

Retirement Services Call Center System

With an extremely successful implementation of the incident tracking system CRM solution completed, the client recognized that the Siebel CRM system might be used to solve other business problems.

After a brief conversation with the CIO, the PM scheduled a brainstorming session to explore other opportunities and two specific short-term solutions were identified – one of which was a CRM call center for the Retirement Services and Pension Applications department.

The existing solution was a stand-alone application, and once again users needed to log into multiple systems concurrently to resolve incoming phone calls. A known customer complaint was that every time a retiree called in they dealt with different associate, and therefore needed to repeatedly explain who they were and the reason for their call. There was no continuity of relationship between the retirees and the associates.

Within approximately four months the ATIBA team designed and implemented a system that was integrated with the departments’ Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. The new CRM system assigned specific retirees to specific associates, enabling business continuity. Associates pulled up the retirees’ case and investment portfolio information in the CRM call center system, quickly reviewed details from the last call, and discussed with the calling retiree the reason for their current call. If it was a follow-up call to provide additional information from a previous call, the associate knew that immediately without the retiree needing to explain it.

Integration to the FileNet document management system was implemented from within the CRM system to enable associates to display applications, stock certificates, letters, and other documents related to the retired employee’s investment portfolio real-time.

The system implemented was an end-to-end solution that supported the management of tens of thousands of retirement pension plans for retirees across the country. The user experience was greatly enhanced, the average length of time an associate spent on a single call decreased by 35%, and based on the results of customer surveys, customer satisfaction increased by 25%. From a management perspective, the return on investment was realized almost immediately.

Facilities Management Help Desk System

Lastly, a Siebel system was developed to create an automated Facilities Management Help Desk workflow solution. The project team met with the facilities team to understand their current-state work process as well as their greatest pain-points. An automated help desk solution was designed and implemented; a case was initiated with the receipt of either a phone call or email. Tickets were automatically created and routed to the appropriate facilities management team member who was responsible for ticket resolution. Exception and escalation workflows that pushed tickets to supervisors were also created to expedite the issue resolution process.

The resulting solution decreased the administrative burden on the facilities team by over 45%, enabling facilities personnel to spend their time physically moving throughout the client’s buildings to resolve reported problems.

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