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Proposal Development Services

Responding to any proposal request can be a daunting experience, especially responses to government requests for proposals (RFPs). Bids are highly competitive, so it is important that you comply with all RFP requirements, follow instructions and define a winning theme.

ATIBA understands that winning proposals must be clear, concise and compelling and they must communicate a persuasive message to the recipient that your company can deliver the products or services as defined in the RFP.

Woven into winning themes are key messages that position your company and the delivery of your products or services in a way that sets you apart from your competition and describes your response to customer ‘hot buttons’.

ATIBA offers a complete proposal consulting service from initial review of the RFP to delivery of the final proposal document. Our proposal writers provide expert-level proposal writing services and are experienced in the proposal delivery life cycle; they follow a systematic process, produce excellent content, commit to tight deadlines and produce proposals that are professional, compelling and persuasive.

Our writers have extensive expertise preparing and writing winning proposals in both the private and public sectors; they will work with you to ensure that all requirements are met, instructions followed, evaluation criteria addressed, and the required documentation included so that your response is not rejected outright for non-compliance. We will validate that the response we deliver sets you apart from your competition, and clearly identifies your delivery capabilities.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our proposal development capabilities. We would be happy to provide an exceptionally experienced team to manage your proposal development process; a team that can deliver a professional, polished, proposal that you will be proud of!

RFP Development Servivces

Your company has determined they need a new enterprise solution to support the core business, or a new technology infrastructure to support existing operations. The financial investment will be substantial, and management wants to explore and evaluate potential solutions in a manner that enables them to select the best product with the best long-term value.

What better way to accomplish that goal than by developing an RFP and structured vendor selection process!

A well-written RFP and well-defined vendor selection process has many benefits; it helps you, the buyer, explore solutions and become more fully educated about available technologies, and it helps you determine the ‘best value’ from the solutions available.

The selection of a solution can be quite confusing, as all vendors promote the specifics of their solution, making it difficult to compare apples to apples.

An RFP clearly defines the requirements against which proposals will be evaluated. All vendors must respond based on the defined criteria which enables consistency; any additional benefits of their solution are called out separately. This approach makes it easier to understand differences between the proposed solutions and enables the evaluation team to assess one solution against the other much more effectively. A structured vendor selection process also provides an opportunity to develop rigorous evaluation criteria, thus ensuring an objective evaluation.

The RFP process also has benefits for vendors, some of which are:

  • All vendors compete fairly based on the same set of rules and requirements.
  • Vendors can present competitive solutions that respond to the specific RFP requirements, but also go beyond them, providing additional value for a given price.
  • The process promotes a diversity of thinking among suppliers and encourages them to provide unique solutions based on their products and services.

The bottom line from the buyer’s perspective is that an RFP and structured vendor selection process helps you determine the ‘best value’ from the solutions available.

ATIBAs team of project management and writing professionals will develop a well written, well defined RFP for your organization, and we will manage the entire vendor selection process for you. How much easier can it get!

Our goal is to enable you to make a well-informed decision that allows you to select the best solutions for your organization, at the best cost.

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