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What is IV&V?

Independent. A knowledgeable external, third-party organization not involved in the management or development of the product, service or system being reviewed. An entity independent of any internal business considerations or politics of the client organization.

Verification. Confirmation and assurance that a product, service or system meets the needs of the customer and other identified stakeholders. A step-by-step review of activities and results to confirm acceptance and suitability with external customers. The assurance that requirements were met, and the product is structurally sound.

Validation. Inspection and evaluation by examination to determine that a product, service or system complies with a regulation, requirement, specification, or imposed condition, and that it functions as intended.

The Value of IV&V

IV&V projects are frequently conducted to assess and strengthen the success of technology initiatives such as application development projects or COTS and ERP implementations. Investments in technology solutions are often quite substantial; extending that investment just a bit more to include an IV&V is like an insurance policy; it helps to protect the company’s investment.

The primary value of IV&V is in identifying high-risk areas early in the project which allows the organization to either mitigate risks or prepare contingencies. It also provides project managers and IT staff with an objective analysis that helps them deal with system development or implementation issues and offers improved visibility into the progress and quality of the effort.

The IV&V team verifies that each step of the development or implementation process is complete and meets the agreed upon acceptance criteria. They confirm adherence to the defined testing methodologies and verify that all critical defects have been resolved.

The final product is validated to ensure that it satisfies both functional and non-functional requirements as defined in the design specification, and that the system performs to expectation under all operating conditions.

Benefits Our Team Can Provide

As your IV&V provider, ATIBA is a knowledgeable and engaged partner working on your behalf. Our consultants follow generally accepted industry standard Project Management and Quality Assurance methodologies when conducting an IV&V assessment. We initiate our engagements by working with you to define the scope of the IV&V engagement and agree on the timeline and deliverables.

IV&V is recognized as a “best practice”, especially within the technology industry, and can provide the following benefits:

  • Improved visibility. IV&V provides management with improved visibility into project progress and the quality of the project process and deliverables.
  • Early detection. Re-work after the fact can be time consuming so identifying problems and opportunities for improvement early on is a tremendous benefit as it reduces the total amount of work to be performed.
  • Decreased risk. For every problem identified, IV&V also provides practical recommendations for solving the problem or mitigating the risk.
  • Improved quality. Pro-active error prevention and early remediation of discrepancies through IV&V reduces errors, improves the quality of project work products and processes and increases project success.
  • Lower cost. Project costs can be reduced significantly if errors, problems, and opportunities for improvement are detected at the earliest possible points.
  • Reduced management burden. By providing proven, professional techniques to evaluate project products and processes, IV&V can reveal risks, mitigation strategies, and opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of processes, greatly reducing the stress and “fire-fighting” typically associated with project management and freeing up managers’ time to focus on more important strategic issues.

ATIBA’s consultants are professional, objective members of your team, working in concert with you to achieve your goals throughout the IV&V initiative.

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