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IT Strategy

Information technology is the foundation that supports the business enterprise; it should not be treated merely as a tool that addresses a specific technical function, but as an integrated solution that helps differentiate organizations from their competitors and enables them to effectively deliver products and services to their clients. As organizations grow and change, business models are adjusted, and the alignment between technology and business objectives often dissipates.

Successful organizations recognize that re-alignment between business and technology is often necessary to leverage emerging technologies to support revised business models and enable a competitive edge.

ATIBA's Approach

ATIBA’s technology strategists assist clients in exploring, selecting and implementing new technologies that will provide a strong foundation to support business operations moving forward. We facilitate the development of an integrated IT strategy that will effectuate a successful business transformation; we create a customized strategic roadmap that aligns business and technology, optimizes ROI and mitigates risk based on your business practices, and empowers you with solutions that enable operational efficiencies previously impossible.

Assessment, Strategy and Roadmap

Our consulting professionals have expertise in both business and technology which enables them to effectively assess the current technology landscape to define pain-points, determine gaps, and identify future-state options; they create a concise, actionable plan to improve capabilities that enable the alignment of business and IT, and the achievement of business goals.

Once we present our recommendations, ATIBA consultants can stay involved to help you carry out the resulting project initiatives. Our team can help to drive your accepted IT roadmap forward, manage the integrated master-schedule, manage compliance requirements, quality, deliverables, communication, budget, vendors, risk, issue and change management.

Key Activities

Business and IT Alignment. We review the organization’s mission, vision, strategy and goals statements to understand the current company business roadmap – the big picture of what they want to achieve, how they plan to achieve it, and what needs to be accomplished to implement the defined strategy. We want to identify how the IT organization is expected to support the business strategy and how they can deliver business value.

IT Current-State Analysis – Baseline Capabilities. We review and assess the current IT environment and infrastructure, which may include data centers, use of cloud technology, networks, servers, and other equipment. We also assess and rank the IT applications portfolio to determine business importance, management value and technical quality. This will help to determine which systems may need to be replaced, upgraded or nurtured. We also look at IT spending and staffing levels, the state of IT management best practices, the use of outsourcing and external IT service providers, and what new IT initiatives are planned for the future.

IT Future-State Vision. The visioning stage of the IT strategy envisions a future state where IT systems, technology, people and processes are fully aligned with the business strategy. We work with you to explore what new and emerging technologies may benefit your business such as social, mobile, analytics and cloud services, compare it to the current state, and conduct a gap analysis to identify specifically the functions and features that could be made available to add business value in the future should you decide to implement the new technology.

IT Strategy Roadmap – Value Realization Plan. We formulate a new strategic narrative, describing how the individual initiatives in the IT roadmap will help you get where you want to be. We will deliver a strategic IT roadmap that defines the desired future-state, the major IT initiatives (which may be new business systems, system upgrades or enhancements, organizational changes, IT infrastructure or process improvements), and the recommended priority of the initiatives. Also provided are budget estimates for initiatives included in the IT roadmap.

Our IT experts can help you envision your future, develop your IT strategy or formulate your IT roadmap – call us!


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