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The Problems We Solve

If your organization is implementing new enterprise solutions, based on their specific roles, your employees need to learn how to use the new system as well as any new processes and procedures that support it.

You’ve upgraded your existing systems and it’s now necessary to inform your technical staff of new features and functionality; existing documentation needs to be changed to reflect the enhanced capabilities.

Government rules and regulations change frequently; if your organization needs to comply, it is critical that your team is trained on the changes quickly and accurately.

Or, perhaps your goal is to improve employee performance in the areas of project management methodologies or business analysis techniques.

Regardless of the specific need, ATIBA’s documentation and training professionals can provide expert assistance that will help your organization deal effectively with change and increase the knowledge and effectiveness of your teams.

Documentation Services

Our documentation specialists are focused on one main goal – to help you make sure the right people within your organization have the right information at the right time. Knowledge enables your employees to perform their jobs more effectively and increases job performance.

We are experienced and highly capable in providing professional, customized technical and user documentation that enables accurate knowledge sharing throughout your enterprise.

Throughout the documentation development process our professionals will focus on the target audience and analyze user tasks and business process to ensure that the content we create meets your needs and requirements. We will provide useful, accurate, clear, concise, comprehensive, and visually appealing documentation in a traditional hard copy or electronic format.

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Training Services

ATIBA’s training specialists collaborate closely with our clients to design and develop customized training plans and curriculums tailored to address specific needs and geographic constraints, and to identify the best instructional approaches to achieve successful outcomes.

Whether focused on developing and maintaining peak performance or teaching new procedures and systems, our custom training solutions are created to enable your personnel to reach their maximum potential and to achieve the greatest effectiveness for your organizational needs.

Our instructors will consider the educational needs to be addressed and the chosen delivery method to develop training materials that will facilitate the learning process. Based on what has been determined to be most effective for your organization, materials may include courseware, training manuals, PowerPoint presentations, job aids, quick-reference-cards, and a variety of hand-outs.

Knowledge has value, and well trained, knowledgeable employees can perform more effectively for you and your clients. An increase in operational efficiency and customer satisfaction can result in a direct, positive impact to your bottom line and consistent growth for your business. Let us know how we can contribute to your success!

Training Delivery Methods

Instructor-led Training. Training is conducted in a classroom, is led by an experienced instructor and is student-focused. We provide intensive hands-on lab experiences that can be adapted for students at varying levels of learning. Training sessions are customized based on your scheduling needs.

Train-the-Trainer. Our instructors will train your internal training teams who will be responsible for rolling out training to the rest of your staff. Training will be conducted in a traditional classroom setting, with hands-on labs and interactive demonstrations and discussions that will enable mentoring and the sharing of knowledge.

Web-Based Training. This method of training can be interactive or individual. Web-based training provides the ability to train large numbers of employees in disparate locations at one time. It reduces training time for critical personnel. If appropriate, we can provide pre-course work and/or refresher training.

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